Siemens MBA Scholarship (partial)

  • Master
  • Up to 80% discount in tuition fee
  • 15 January 2022
The Siemens MBA Scholarship is a competitive scholarship for MBA students. The award covers around 80% of the tuition fee for the ICM MBA programme.


1\. Get admissions to the ICM MBA Programme

  • You will need to fulfil all of the criteria for the MBA programme. A full list of requirements can be found on this page.

2\. Personal qualities

  • Leadership qualities
  • You seek to bring positive change in society
  • You are someone who wants to explore your environment for business/management opportunities and resources
  • You prioritise sustainability and corporate social responsibility

3\. The ICM MBA is important for your career

  • You can demonstrate the need for an MBA degree to progress your career and knowledge.

4\. Financial need

  • You are in a position where the cost of the programme is a significant financial burden
  • You can demonstrate the need for the Scholarship (for example, due to previous work experiences or personal circumstances)


    The scholarship covers partial costs of tuition fees for the MBA programme. This does not cover any living, travel, or additional costs. Students can avail up to a maximum total of £15,000. You will still need to pay around £3000 for the remaining cost of the MBA Programme, which can be paid in 10-monthly instalments of GBP 300 each.


    Fill out the admissions form here:\_bWvvmPYoCki\_g/viewform

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